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Kevin Higdon Construction is synonymous with quality and personal style. We strive for excellence, and we pride ourselves on meeting rigorous benchmarks while delivering the home of your dreams.

From the moment you open the front door on a home built by Kevin Higdon Construction, you'll notice the unique, innovative design ideas, the distinctive craftsmanship, and the attention to the smallest detail. The focus on quality is clear. What may not be seen at first glance is the additional value that comes with buying a Kevin Higdon home and the commitment to our clients' visions.

Through over a decade of experience and extensive research, we have meticulously selected industry-leading products and practices that will increase the life of your home and safeguard the investment you've made. Kevin Higdon Construction is truly your top choice in custom home building.

Don't just take our word for it - view our expertise for yourself. We invite you to visit any of our homes and witness the difference.

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Respectful Professionals

When you build with Kevin Higdon, our crew of experts is respectful of your ideas and your wishes. We do the majority of work ourselves, keeping sub-contractors to the absolute minimum–which allows us to control quality and provides flexibility.


Personal Communication

We maintain highly personalized communication throughout all phases. At every stage, the building must meet specific, rigorous, quality benchmarks, established by city and national building codes and by us. We will happily address all your questions, ideas, or concerns as they might arise.


Innovative Expertise

Our entire process is structured to give you a perfectly tailored custom home at a perfectly comfortable price. Our only limitations are your imagination and, in some instances, gravity. We think you will be surprised (to say the least) at how quality we make it.


Exacting Standards 

We hold ourselves to the highest standard, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. We work hard to ensure that the final product is a stunning reflection of your unique personal style. After all, it’s your home–shouldn’t it look and feel exactly as you want?